VoiceCasting Details

freequote3VoiceCasting was designed and created by VoiceLogic specifically to offer its clients an exceptionally effective service with moves to send messages to customers and clients without even having to rind their phone! With VoiceCasting, Voicelogic give its clients the ability to contact their customer’s in mass without disturbing them at the same time. Simply put, VoiceCasting is one of our most effective business-to-consumer message delivery systems. With VoiceCasting, our professional call staff will deposit your custom tailored marketing sales message or pre-recorded sales pitch into the voicemail of the decided upon number of residents in order to solicit potential customers. VoiceCasting is one of our most popular services because it also enables our clients to reach a large number of potential clients or customers without disturbing them by ringing their phone. Did you know that almost 85% of sales calls or potential customer outreach calls are directed straight to voicemail? At VoiceLogic, the majority of our customer service and sales staff are capable of making 50 to 70 calls a day. So we urge you, not to waste your valued time by manually dialing your potential customers, let VoiceLogic implement our state of the art lead generation tool, VoiceCasting, to significantly increase your company’s productivity without having to lift a finger. We guarantee that our VoiceCasting Voicemail Broadcasting services will free you from the boring and sometimes unpleasant job of out-bound cold calling while also delivering your message on each and every call. Let VoiceLogic assist your business in a way that allows you to us your time wisely to answer and speak with in-bound customer calls while we help you to reach a record number of potential customers per hour!

Aside from freeing up your time to work on projects with higher ranking priorities, our VoiceCasting services offer around the clock customer service technicians to help answer any questions that you might have. We also offer our clients the option to target vertical markets rather than horizontal market consumers. This enables our clients that offer specialized services to singular industries the ability to more effectively target their client base without wasting time contacting residential or non-industry consumers.

Smart MarketingIn order to accelerate your sales cycle and increase your businesses productivity to ten times its average by reaching more of your potential customers faster, VoiceLogic fuses its telemarketing and direct mail services at an affordable rate. This allows us to closely monitor quality control to offer consistent messages to each contact, without distorting your businesses message or pitch.